Thursday, January 17, 2013

Give a Little Breakfast to Kids

I just spend a full day among a diverse collection of professionals, activists and representatives from various sectors - education, healthcare, government, NGOs, sport, social services - who share a common goal of ensuring and improving the health and safety of kids in Canada. Statistics were flashed up on the screen; educators shared their concerns and challenges; doctors gave accounts of the "outcomes" of poor health and injuries they see come through the hospital; and governmental reps cited policies and programs. It reminded me of my junk drawer -- jammed packed with useful tools and instruments but with so much stuff and disorganization, it's hard to all what is available. However it was inspiring to be in the company of a roomful of passionate changemakers, all with a deep commitment to the well-being of children and youth.

It got me thinking about my weekly "give a little" commitment. I try to give to organizations and initiatives that promote sustainable solutions. But every once in a while, there is an immediate problem that needs an immediate fix. This week I donated to the Children't Breakfast Club in the Greater Toronto Area to help give kids a  good breakfast to start their day. Let's face it, kids who aren't distracted by a growling tummy can have a better chance to learn, be social and.participate in activities.

Have ideas to help me in my weekly quest? Please share!

Read about my weekly Give a Little challenge and other posts. I have to give ongoing props to Wendy Smith for her inspiring book, Give a Little. Consider giving it a read.

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