Sunday, January 20, 2013

Right Stuff

I kicked the habit! I inhaled enough sugar, chocolate and pastries over the Christmas holidays to leave me sweet enough for a lifetime - or so it felt. After my belly fat and I had a meeting of the minds, I decided to try something a little more drastic and ditched refined sugar and processed foods. I threw in wheat for good measure after having some discomfort when, after not having bread for a week, a few pieces of rye bread bloated my belly to what looked like a six month pregnancy. I made like a squirrel and filled my fridge with a cornucopia of fresh vegetables, fruits, Greek yogurt,  nuts, eggs and of course lean meat. Each day I eat lots of delicious food to keep my blood sugar stable and try to make every calorie count (although I am not counting calories).

It hasn't been hard to resist temptation and I haven't even had my usual cravings. I feel satisfied and simply have no interest in the sweet stuff. Now I can't say I won't eat a piece of cherry pie ever again - that would just be wrong - but that will be reserved as a special treat. But for now I have returned to my upbringing in which dessert was fruit and a treat was a cup of raisins or dates. And that is plenty sweet for me!

Finally - the best part is when I put my pants on I don't have to negotiate with my buttons and zipper. I think I may have even closed a chapter on one of my rolls. My lunchtime exercising at the YWCA is making happy with my waistline - which makes me happy.

As the craggy, wise old doctor explained to me last week, "as we get older, stuff starts happening". That guy is smart! But I am going to do my best to make sure that the "stuff" is all good - the right stuff!

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