Friday, January 4, 2013

The Miserables

We dined on movie theatre pizza washed down with a side of popcorn and coke. Don't think we covered any known food groups in the process, but it was a necessary evil if we wanted to catch an early flick after work, and before my bedtime. 

Hubby agreed to see Les Miserables with me -- or as he calls it -- "The Miserables". He thinks the French pronunciation sounds pretentious...  It was a big deal to get him out to this movie (even though it was pay back for The Hobbit) as he despises musicals, when, as he puts it, actors suddenly burst into song "for no apparent reason". He persevered and even I couldn't contain my giggles at one point when they "suddenly burst into song for no apparent reason". I swear I saw him tapping his foot or perhaps it was just an uncomfortable twitch.

The movie was as triumphant as the stage production - yielding tears, gasps, the occasional laugh via the comedic relief, and more tears. The tale is a tragedy of mammoth proportion; a story of love, forgiveness, and devotion. The music was simply wonderful - large and inspiring and the acting was superb. Hugh Jackman carried the film and Anne Hathaway's performance was epic. Shall I go on? Can you tell I enjoyed the film -- enough to bellow out the main theme song in the theatre parking lot (mainly to irk hubby).

Sitting now by the fire with my crazy schnauzer curled up at my feet, I'd say that it's been the perfect close to the week. And I am feeling anything but miserable.

"Take my love. For love is everlasting. And remember. The truth that once was spoken. To love another person. Is to see the face of God."   lyrics from Les Miserable finale

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