Wednesday, February 13, 2013

All Grown Up

Well she broke the bedtime promise she made so many times to me, so many years ago; she grew up. It was bound to happen, an inevitable truth, and I knew I would never be entirely ready for it.

With Kidlet- my last born - following in her sisters' well trodden path into womanhood, the door on active parenting closes (but doesn't shut). I am not needed as I once was; I am a mom on slow simmer on the back burner, close by and quick to reheat as needed.

It was bittersweet watching her blow out her candles, and not just because of her birthday. It was the sight of my beauty trio of shining feminine intelligence that tugged at my heart. Their lives have not always been easy; they endured my life choices that I inflicted on them and each has emerged resilient and independent.

They say a triangle is the strongest structure and if that is indeed true, my girls will have all the strength they need in one another, and  a bond that can withstand anything. What more could a mother want? Three girls --- that's alot of love, and this weekend I got a hefty dose.

Promise me that you'll never grow up on me, okay?
I promise Mommy. But... I can't stop it!

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  1. Lyn- Beautiful picture. I love that you admitted that your choices hadn't been the best and that you know those choices affected your daughters. It is very respectable to see this in a parent. No parent wants to be wrong especially when they work so hard to try to be right all the time. So although I already had a lot of respect for you, my respect has increased. I believe it takes admitting we're flawed (amongst other things)in order to advance in life and feel free. God bless you! Cherish your daughters. They're amazing!


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