Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day, Slow Day

A snow day --it's a rare guilty pleasure for a working Canadian on a cold winter's day; a get-out-of-jail for free card; a one day suspension from any and all obligations; a precious portion of time to be squandered or spent exactly how I see fit!

So with open hours sprawled out before me, I hunkered under the fluffy down duvet and watched morning television from the comfort of my cosy bed; I drank hot mugs of coffee while I watched the white stuff pile up against the window; and I checked in with my loved ones.

With Kidlet's birthday tomorrow, I had potato leek soup to make and a cake to bake. With country music as the soundtrack, I chopped, sauteed, and pureed, stirred and mixed, and baked and cooked. I resisted the urge to lick the icing from the beaters - or my fingers for that matter. And when I was all done, it looked like a cyclone had blown through the kitchen. But a few Mary Chapin Carpenter songs later and I had it cleaned and order was restored.

It's been a good day... freedom day... hours spent with no plans and nothing to do but follow my heart's desires. Who cares if my hair smells like leek soup or that I wasn't able to get out to buy salad fixings for the lunch tomorrow -- it was a day of peaceful perfection and a wonderful, slow, snow day. And for that I am so very grateful.


  1. That cake looks delicious, and I've never heard of leek soup. I too enjoyed my snow day here in Michigan. My husband is a teacher and school was cancelled. I always enjoy extra time with him. I love the picture of your dog too. He is so adorable. I wonder when it snows like it has how smaller dogs maneuver about to do their business. I bet they desire to come in more quickly from outside. Hope you have a great day, thanks for sharing!

  2. thank you for having me


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