Friday, March 29, 2013

Birthday Bliss

The house is eerily quiet now - or it would be if Fritz would stop his random barking at invisible people. Everyone has gone home, the last dish has been washed; the house reconstructed and Kidlet has submitted her paper just under the midnight deadline.

The walls are still ringing with chatter, clatter and laughter.  In a few minutes another birthday will have come and gone... and all in all, it's been a fantastic day. I heard from people I love  from far and near; and my family came to share the feast that hubby prepared with tender loving care. Daughter Lyndsay baked me a birthday cake from scratch and my sister made me a cherry pie (my favourite). I put my "no sugar" on hold and sampled both. 

I got my birthday wish - to be immersed in the love of my family. Lucky me. And lucky me to be one year older. The good ole days are now -- and if I am getting older, it means I'm alive and living. Doesn't get better than that! So now Fritz and I are heading upstairs, hearts full with gratitude,  to dream about the goodness in my life. It has indeed been a happy birthday and a very Good Friday!

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  1. Birthday bliss -- so deserving to one who gives us such bliss daily ... Great time together!


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