Sunday, March 3, 2013

Finger Lickin'

The homey aroma of garlic and savoury met us at the door and triggered my "I'm starving" reflex. Dinner at the in-laws! Papa Pete was dressed in his "going out for some "air" outfit - sweatpants, tee shirt and toque pulled down past his eyebrows - as he took our coats. I couldn't help but smile as he cracked, "at least it'll keep the girls away".

It had been a while since we'd been together and I was looking forward to the visit. MIH's sing-song greeting came from the dining room where she was immersed in all things baby shower. She's about to  realize her dream of becoming a grandma to a newbie and her excitement is palpable and ever present.

It's been about five or six weeks now since I made the commitment to myself to eat healthy and consciously and to my surprise, it's been easy. By filling up on nutrient rich foods, I no longer have the desire or need to snack on empty calories. I live by the mantra - make every calorie count, and it's worked. I have lost just over 10 pounds and a few bellies but what has got me most excited is how my clothes are fitting -- they fit! No more deep inhales before buttoning my pants or a few muffin toppers  above the belt. I feel stronger and fitter.

That being said, I couldn't wait to chomp on the comfort food that Papa Pete is famous for. With nostalgic tunes singing from the AM radio station, hubby applied his techno wizardry to his mom's new computer, and Papa Pete and I chatted - my eyeballs sucking in the sight of the boiling ribs, marinating chicken, and corn and cob. It was all I could do to keep the drool under check.

Then it was dinner time! The ribs were served up dripping in barbeque sauce with a side of extra spicy and I swapped my chicken with hubby for more ribs. I lost myself in the meat, ravenously gnawing, chewing and licking my sticky fingers, containing all conversation to occasional "mmmmm's" and "oh my God these are delicious". I was in flavour heaven and all I left on my plate were the bones - stripped clean.

What a fantastic way to spend a Saturday night. No fighting (we made politics off limits!) - no awkward lapses of dead air - just lively laughter and chatter, and glorious eats on a platter!
What more could a girl ask for ... a great family and great eats.

I stepped timidly onto the scale this morning convinced that the five pounds of meat I devoured would be reflected in the weight -- but glory be, I dodged a bullet and was exactly the same as the morning before! And for that and all of the above, I am truly grateful!

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