Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vibrating and Gyrating

In an early morning chat with a colleague, I was explaining how we are all just energy vibrating at varying frequencies.  I was encouraging her to seek her highest self and operate at a higher frequency, and assuring her that if she did so, she would find that she attracts "like" energy -- people, situations and things. hmm I am not sure why that came out of my mouth but it was a classic "we teach that which we most need to learn" moment. I needed that timely reminder of a principle that I have embraced all my adult life, and one which has served me well and been instrumental in me creating the life I desired.

I was overdue for an alignment and the reminders came aplenty! I was inches away from locking my keys in my car today after I made an impromptu decision to walk to the gym instead of driving, My bag was in the car and I got distracted changing my heels out for my sneakers and almost shut the locked door with my keys on the backseat. Phew -- dodged a bullet! Not so fast...

Hit the change room and was ready - water bottle in hand - to hit the gym when I realized that I had locked the security pass in the locker -- along with the key to the padlock dangling on the locker -- along with my car keys, cell phone and work security pass. Cr@p! I started to vibrate all right... Humbled and embarrassed, I found the nice maintenance man who had a nice big set of cutters and begged asked him for help. He assured me that this kind of thing happened all of the time. "Really?" I asked. "Actually no -- but I didn't want to make you feel any worse."

After I completed my sweaty two miles and changed back into my work clothes, a coffee was in order. (Hey -- I skipped the sugar!) A sweet little lady ahead of me in line was in the midst of being rejected by a clerk who explained that she didn't have enough on her Tim Hortons' card to pay for her banana strawberry smoothie. She looked perplexed and confused just standing there. I signaled to the clerk to fulfill her order which unleashed a frenzy of good wishes and gratitude. The lady almost cried; the girl in the line behind me patted my back and another yelled across the restaurant -- "there are still nice people in the world" -- which then triggered a chorus of agreement and nodding. Who would have thought two dollars could be worthy of so much attention. I left a little lighter and happier with a tear for that sweet little lady who seemed to be invisible to the clerk; her humanity disguised in a face of misfortune.

So on the last leg of my day's journey, a forty-five minute commute in torrential rain - after I set my car alarm off and couldn't get it to stop - I avoided being side-swiped by a car who didn't check their blind spot. Dodged another bullet.

It's been a long day chock full of major and minor mishaps, with wonderfully inspiring notes as well. I was reminded to seek the humour in, and release, that over which I have no control. And although I will try harder to vibrate at a higher frequency -- today I was merely gyrating -- and some days are just like that!

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