Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hot and heavy greeted me when I opened the door to leave for work. It was only 6:30 in the morning but the day was set, and my quickly expanding hair signaled the need for air conditioning.

The weather forecast was all over the map with the operative word being "possible" --  possible showers; possible thunderstorms; intermittent sunshine. I walked to the gym at lunchtime with an escort of dark brooding clouds threatening overhead. I walked quickly, a trickle of sweat rolling down the middle of my back. 

I kept the sweat coming and worked out hard at the Y. Couldn't get dry no matter how hard I toweled off. The heat I had built up in my workout coupled with the power surges that have been plaguing me rendered me a hot mess. I stepped out of the Frigidaire into the steamy afternoon air. It had just rained; I inhaled the remnants of freshness and lightly leapt over puddles on the sidewalk. The air felt a little lighter, as did I.  

Half way back to the office I felt the first drops and quickened my pace. I couldn't outrun the rain. I got wet, and I didn't mind. I was cool, if only for a moment.

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