Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This Girl is On Fire

We're under an extreme heat warning which means the air conditioning is cranked up as high as we dare, I'm wearing as minimal clothing as is legal, and I have a fuzzy head of hair swollen with humidity. Ceiling fans swirl, labouring to move the heavy air; and the frigid air at my office is a welcomed respite. All chatter centres around the weather - the sweltering heat and global warming. The trickles of sweat rolling down my back are a testament to global warming -- or menopause!

What a perfectly insane day to truddle off to the gym - and truddle I did, inspired by the article I had just finished writing about the signs of heat stress. The ten minute walk to and from the Y was more grueling than the workout. But I had a lovely exchange on the corner with a lady from the east coast who said that even after two years of living here, she just can't get used to the humidity. Then there was a lady at the gym who chatted with me in between gasps on the treadmill. I tried my best not to appear winded but my purplish colouring and wheezing were dead give aways! We agreed that it was a bummer that Oprah, one of the most powerful, successful women on the planet, still seems to worry about weight. What message does that send? You can achieve everything - but if you aren't slim...

Getting back to my heat attack -- for the record, I am NOT complaining. Winter was long and summer was a long time coming so I am savouring every degree Celsius and ray of sunshine. I've got my arsenal of  iced cappuccinos, ice cream, light skirts and no sleeves cause this girl is on fire! And for that, I am truly grateful!

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