Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dream On

Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King courageously and eloquently shared his dream for a better America; a kinder, gentler world, free of prejudice and hatred. This monumental speech was delivered with such conviction and passion, that the message continues to resonate, and is as relevant, to this very day.

Today was cause for reflection and introspection. I too have a dream:

I dream of a world
in which my children,
everyone's children,
and everyone everywhere
can be free to be
exactly who they are -
their authentic selves,
love who they love,
without judgement,
nor hatred.

I dream of a world
in which
is greater than
fear of that which
we do not understand;
stronger than hatred;
more resilient than prejudice; and
humanity remembers
we are

Thank you MLK for your shining light and reminding us that change starts with a vision -- a dream of something bigger and better.

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  1. Good one.
    and humanity remembers we are one.........


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