Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I feel like that toad on the rock, sitting motionless, disappearing into the environment, silently contemplating all that needs consideration.

Summer is officially over and school has started.  And even though I no longer have little girls to see off for their first day, I still get the back to school butterflies. Maybe it's residual from having a dad who was a teacher. I pass the three empty bedrooms, further testament that I am officially an empty nester.  Why then can I hear the faint echoes of laughter and sisterly sparring?

Hubby is in the process of closing up the pool. In the 21 years of its existence, no one has ever swam in it after Labour Day weekend, so although it is much more appealing to look at clear blue water than the black tarp, it's time to let it go for another season.

Rosh Hashanah started at sun down; a new year for Jewish people - including my two girls.

President Obama received the authorization he requested to make a military strike against Syria. I am conflicted about this issue and it weighs heavy on my mind. The world must line up and take a united stand against the war crimes that are being committed, and insist that the perpetrators be brought to trial and justice (ICC).  Ironic -- war crimes. War in itself is violent and murderous and yet there are rules to ensure somehow that there is a level of civility applied? Baffling. The world can't stand by passively, silently while innocent people are horrendously murdered in such blatant disregard for world law.

But what to do? Is more violence really the answer; the only alternative? I can't believe that there can be any result that will remotely resemble "success" from more killing. We can't continue to play judge and jury - and executioner. But we must pursue the criminals. I can only hope that the world is not headed for another conflict of global proportion.

I wonder if I sit motionless long enough, deep in thought, one with my environment, will my contemplation reap epiphany? I'll let you know.


  1. Nice little update on everything :) Very agreeable about Syria, though. Should one use the stick against the problem, or try the carrot? Why solve violence with violence? We are still a young species that still has room to grow. Here's to a future full of tolerance and peace! :)

  2. You wrote a blog with more questions than answers and that is really how so many feel about this Syrian question. Good picture of the toad. They have it made because they are in harmony with nature.Polar Bear


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