Friday, December 6, 2013

Freedom Fighter

Photo courtesy of New Yorker Magazine
"Democracy and peace for all."

Nelson Mandela - icon of social justice and freedom fighter - proved thatimprisonment is a state of mind. They could lock him up, but they couldn't break him. That which didn't kill him, made him - and his movement for social and racial justice - stronger.

He survived everything that came his way, and defeated apartheid in his country.

My hero Stephen Lewis stated it so very eloquently:

"It’s always said that after 27 years in prison he turned the other cheek: in truth, he emerged from the fires of hell with nothing but wisdom and love, for his people and for the planet. There will never be such another.”

Thank you Nelson Mandela for being a shining light and beacon of hope and inspiration to a generation. You changed the world.

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