Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sparkle and Bright

It is just days before Christmas. Fritz is nestled on my feet, our honest to goodness real Christmas tree stands heroically in the corner anchored by the gift stash, and my keyboard is lit by the glow of the lights. It's all rather festive with the exception of the mishmash of shopping bags piles in the corner and the messy remnants of my wrapping efforts that are strewn on the coffee table. There is alot that is done but much left to do. And the funny thing is, I feel rather Zen about it all. Maybe the deep seated calm I feel is left over from from my Tanzanian trip, rooted in the knowledge that (currently) I really don't have any problems or worries - at least nothing worthy of stress.

The triumphant faces of the three directors of Good Hope are lodged in my psyche and in my heart. I have dreamed about Good Hope every night since I've returned. I turn my attention to the life in front of me, however the ladies and memories aren't going away. Nor do I want them to. They are now forever a part of my DNA and I have plans to help them with their website and beyond.

We awoke this morning to a shimmering, glistening frozen world. Trees, laden with heavy ice, bent under the load. Sidewalks were turned into skating rinks and icicles accessorized pretty much everything - eaves-troughs, railings, windows... We had a power failure during the night and lucky for us, it was restored by morning. Not so for much of my town. The main shopping mall was without power and couldn't open. Hubby and I has some last minute shopping items to pick up so we had to pick and slash the ice off my car and head out into the weather.

The are reports that some people will be without power for the next two days -- right up to Christmas. I'm sure there are many who are panicked by the thought and the mandatory shut down. And I wonder if we will see the message and gift that has been delivered; that when all the commerce is stripped away and we stop - we see that which really matters, remains. The quiet of Christmas can descend and truly make it a season of peace. If we let it.

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