Sunday, January 12, 2014

Detours and Bright Spots

I'll be honest -- last week was rough. I spent two days in bed sick with the flu, my energy level was an integer, and too much precious time was wasted. The house was a mess; I didn't make much headway on the Christmas pack-up and I fell behind at work.

On the flip side, I had loads of time to daydream, think, and make mental lists. I pursued a house that has been on my mind on and off for over eight years, and was finally able to cross it off my "want' list. Inside the stately country home, there wasn't a level floor or ceiling to be had, and hubby and I decided it was a project too big for either of us. And funny enough, I was okay with that. The outcomes don't dampen the joy we experience in following leads and dreams. After all, as the saying goes, "it's about the journey, not the destination".

Another bright spot is the work I have been doing with the Good Hope Support Organization, helping them with Facebook messages and their website. It keeps my connection with the Majengo neighbourhood in Tanzania alive and strong.

And now I have the finishing touches to put on the book my dad wrote about his teaching career. It has been a project near and dear to his heart and I am looking forward to the day that he can hold it in his hands, and that his grandkids can read his story.

Tomorrow is the start of a new week and my return to the gym. I've been away far too long citing excuses ranging from being too busy to forgetting gym clothes. The extra tire around my waist is proof of my negligence as well as my motivation to getting back on track. My pants will thank me!

I wish you are a wonderful week ahead. Who knows what twists and turns lay ahead... and that is what keeps life interesting.

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