Sunday, January 5, 2014

Reasons to Celebrate

You sat back in your chair quietly observing your grandchildren and their spices (not-quite-a-spouse) sitting in a circle, engaged in noisy, animated conversation. I wondered what thoughts were running through your head on this special day; your birthday.

Were you amazed at the fruit of your union - that 38 years of marriage and four children could evolve into a family of almost twenty - each and every member, happy and well adjusted. Were you remembering birthdays that had come before? Friends and family that were; and those who are no more? Was your heart full with gratitude for the life you have created, and the life you have lived - and are living? Did you feel the warmth and love that filled the space when we gathered together - love for one another, and love for the cherished patriarch of our family?

I am not sure what lies beneath those blue eyes of yours, but I hope you realize how important you are to all of us. You are the very core of our family; our trusted advisor; our mentor and leader. You have carved an adventurous path and continue to inspire. And with your recent commitment to writing and blogging, you have left us footprints in the snow; that is for certain. And for that, and you, I am so very grateful.

Happy birthday dad.


  1. Hi Lyn! Happy Birthday greetings to your dad... hope you are feeling fully recovered by now?, and up to removing the Christmas Tree! I've been enjoying catching up on your blog which is still so well populated with posts, but no time to read it all, yet! Had no idea you'd been to Tanzania, even.. Thanks for visiting my blog, even after a whole year!!

  2. Thanks Lyn. You never cease to amaze me with you kind words and caring friendship. TY Polar Bear


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