Tuesday, January 7, 2014


We're all talking about the weather these days; headlines in the newspapers, on TV, at work, and on my blog. We're experiencing the coldest temps and craziest weather in twenty years - apparently caused by a polar vortex - and it's not letting up. Polar vortex; sounds like something from one of those post-apocalyptic movies or something, but it's actually an Arctic cyclone that has settled and causing havoc all over North America. Now I feel so much better. I remember learning about the vortexes of spiritual energy when I was in Sedona but these polar swirling masses seem more sinister, and less friendly.

My car groaned and moaned before sputtering starting this morning, and it took 30 kilometres or so before the seat warmers kicked in. My butt was still thawing out when I got to work. Did I mention that the inventor of those seat warmers should get a Nobel science award? Or a peace prize? My car windows were frozen shut even after thirty minutes of being blasted by the defroster, and I had to open my door in the drive through to order my coffee. Awkward.

But tonight I am safe and toasty warm as I pursue long-held dreams. Many are not so fortunate. There is much to look forward to and enjoy - maybe a home with land; my dad's book; additions to the family; Kidlet and my sis graduating; and Fritz finally getting his long overdue bath and shave.

I am experiencing a vortex of love and good fortune more powerful than any big chill. And for that, I am truly grateful.

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  1. Additions to the family? That phrase caught my attention :) I have 3 guesses ...


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