Friday, March 21, 2014

Letting in the Light

Apparently it is officially springtime. I say apparently because even though the sun shone brightly, high in the sky today and melted the snow - freezing rain and more snow is on the way tomorrow. Winter hasn't strayed far - it's hiding in the wings, restless for an encore.

After more than twenty-six years in the house, the lilac tree in the yard has grown to fifteen feet and the once-low shrubs crouched beneath the front windows are so thick that they now obstruct the light. No drapes required. It's time to prune the foliage and trees that are overtaking our home. I have to cut them back so they can grown strong and healthy again. I have to let the light in.

And that goes for me too. Sometimes we have to clear away the dense, redundant and overgrowth to give the good stuff space to breathe and flourish. The tangle can choke and suffocate if we don't control it.

I read somewhere that the winter is the best time to cut back trees and shrubs before they start budding. It seems odd to be taking an ax to the thick trunks while their is still snow on the ground. It feels ruthless and cold - but necessary. Sometimes we have to tackle that which is holding us back with surgical precision to coax new growth.

I want to let the light in; to live in the light. And so I prune.


  1. Lyn dear, you were taking a chance in your last blog to change your life...much risk on your part. Hopefully it came to fruition.

  2. You are so full of light already, I doubt you need much pruning. However, it is always good to self-reflective and shed any negativity and doubt so that more positive energy can thrive in our souls!


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