Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gullible and Grateful

First day of April -- April Fools Day. And admittedly I got a little sucked in by a bogus article citing Elton John, Bob Dylan and Bono as the entertainment for a Safest Company Conference. I should have been tipped off with the mention of Charlie Sheen as keynote... oh well, label me gullible!

At least we have had a taste of springlike weather. And by taste, I am talking an "appetizer" sized taste - just enough to whet the appetite for anything other than cold and snow. We're weather weary here in central Canada and are desperately seeking sunshine and warmer temperatures. But I feel a little guilty about complaining when our maritime provinces are getting barraged by blizzards, even as I write this.

And as I get ready to sign off, I see that Chile got hit with an earthquake that registered 8.2 on the Richter scale. Even worse, the country is on tsunami alert. Mother Nature's cruel April Fools joke?

So my thoughts are with the brave souls dealing with adverse weather and unnatural disasters, and I will be counting my blessings and feeling grateful for my safe and warm home. Seriously.

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