Monday, May 19, 2014

Winding Down

It was better than expected.
Nature's soothing balm for the soul.
From brittle stark, fresh tender buds of brilliant green emerge, slowly unfurling to face the sun.
A simple reminder that life begins anew; opportunities abound.

Message received. And as this weekend, the first vacation of the season, slowly recoils and winds down, I also wind down, grateful for the rest, ready to face all that awaits. Another week of living fully, and in the moment.

And I whisper a quiet prayer of thanks.


  1. I don't understand this blog. Did you resign your job? Whatever...good things await.

    1. Hilda - the winding down was in reference to simply winding down the weekend and taking some time out. I didn't resign - I applied for a promotion - the manager's job.


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