Tuesday, June 24, 2014


When people ask me on Monday mornings how my weekend was, I always respond that it was great; that I've never met a weekend I didn't like! What's not to love -- two full days of something in front of Friday, my favourite day of the week. We cram alot of good stuff into these two days... and in the summer that usually includes some cottage time. However we still manage to weave in celebrations and precious family time.

A long anticipated birthday, Adventure Girl FINALLY turned 50 last weekend and Kidlet was my date for the elegant shindig. As each person stood to confess tell their Elysia tale, I couldn't help but think how special it was that she was hearing these sentiments and expressions of love and affection - too often reserved for eulogies expressed after someone has passed. With her dear old dad by her side, she laughed heartily along with everyone even as the evening took on a roast-like flavour. Her beaming face told the story - she thoroughly enjoyed herself and was moved by the love that filled the room.

It served as a good reminder to share our feelings with the ones we care about. Let them know what they mean to us and how our world is better with them in it. Leave no positive feeling unexpressed! Adventure Girl - if you are listening -- my world is better with you in it!

Just a final note to self: have had enough cake in the last two weeks to last a lifetime, or at least to inspire a 25K walk each day. Cheeks are ever expanding...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summertime Celebration

We celebrated Kidlet's grad just as we do all birthdays and important milestones: with a famjam! And with everyone of significance gathered under a brilliant sunny summer's day, celebrate we did. There were toothy grins and hugs and, of course, picture posing between bites of ribs, chicken skewers and shrimp. It was the nicest day yet of the season. Good omen for Kidlet's launch into adulthood. And so it begins... a whole new chapter. And judging by the cast of characters she was born into and has collected, she is well accompanied and supported on her journey. I am filled with gratitude for the gift of my family and extended family, and with hope for her future. I hope she is too.

Me and my sisters - birth and chosen
A rare chance to have my besties all together!
Instant joy - just add baby!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


It's a textured weave, this life we live.
A juxtaposition of
good and bad,
happy and sad
served up daily
tasty and distasteful
celebration and grief
shock and surprise.

A graduation was celebrated
new beginnings
start of a grown-up life
across the world
a boy sixteen
lost his fight
a life was mourned.

There's no sense to make
it simply is
elation and devastation
unlikely cohabitants
we are left to
seek the gifts in

Sunday, June 15, 2014

If you are lucky

If you are lucky, you will have a father who stands tall, and stands up for what he believes in.

If you are lucky, you will be blessed with a father who is fearless, and not only makes you feel safe; but teaches you how to be safe.

If you are lucky, you will have a father who believes the best way to make the world better, is to make the world better.

If you are lucky you will have a father whose love is so large and unconditional, that it will encompass, shield and empower you.

If you are lucky, you will grow up to be neighbours, and if you are really fortunate, you will find yourselves friends.

Lucky me!

Happy Father's Day to the best Dad I could've ever have wished for.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Post Election Pride

I left work extra late Thursday and it was only when I was whipping down the highway that I remembered it was election day -- AND I ONLY HAD 40 MINUTES UNTIL THE POLLS CLOSED. I panicked. I knew I had to get there - every vote counts - absolutely. Never mind that I am addicted to the rush I get from exercising my democratic right.

I made it with minutes to spare, and then raced home to watch the results. The opinion polls had all three parties in a dead heat. But they were dead wrong. My progressive, inclusive province of Ontario elected the first woman premier in Ontario . And by the way, she's a married gay woman. Another first. And one of the reasons I love where I live; we are an inclusive society where the rainbow flag flies high, where diversity is celebrated and everyone is invited to the table.

Here's to democracy. Optimism is alive and well in Ontario and for that I am very grateful!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Photo courtesy of Kidlet
Her face was beaming as she grinned up at us from her second row pew. Her dad and foster dog guide Cadet sat behind my hubby and I, all of us perched up in the balcony with a bird's eye view of the graduation ceremony below.

A vintage home movie scrolled through my mind: flashes of Kidlet's first day on the ice in her hockey gear; dropping her off at nursery school and helping her find the cubby with her name taped above it; visions of a five-year old Kidlet in her rubber boots digging for earth worms; images of her belting out Seasons of Love at her grade eight grad... and a blurry mashup of scenes from our life.

Her childhood flashed before me in what seemed like moments. And today her dads and I came together, like so many times before, to witness her achievement of yet another milestone in her life and celebrate the woman she is becoming.

How is it then that the face gleaming up at us was that of my five-year old, innocent, fresh faced Kidlet?

The Chancellor's speech was riddled with advice for the new grads -- the best of which was "do something!" So Kidlet, I've had twenty-two years to dispense my advice, so no further required. You get it and have everything you need within yourself to create the life you want. And you have the love and support of your parents and sisters as well as your big, extended tribe. You once told me, as I tucked you into your bed, that you were happy you "picked" me. Well Kidlet, I'm glad you picked me too! It's a privilege to be your mother.

Kidlet's post-grad Facebook post:
I have to thank my mom for putting up with me for the last 4 years. She edited every single paper I have submitted ‪#‎truth‬. Sometimes at 11:45 pm when it was due at midnight. I appreciate all her time and energy and support. Love you mum.
Today is just one of those days in which I am reminded of the riches in my life; in which my heart is filled with pride and gratitude for the three precious treasures I have been blessed with. Life is indeed good.

Monday, June 2, 2014

First Day

I got up nice and early to hit the ground running today. After a relaxing weekend up at the lake I was rested and ready to face what may come my way in my new job. I had that "first day of school" feeling churning in my stomach and the tingle I get when something good is about to happen.

What happened was alot of flowers! I was showered with floral love. My former boss sent me an exquisite arrangement to complement the orchids my daughter sent me Friday. And just when I thought I couldn't be more grateful, another vase from my gal pals arrived. The girls at reception were teasing me about the parade of deliveries.

You couldn't help but smile when you walked into my office. My office... my new space. Change feels good. It breaks any probability of boredom, stimulates the excitement centre and makes me feel alive.

And so on this day of change, I am filled with gratitude beyond words. I have be blessed with a kind and caring family, loyal caring friends, and the best work colleagues I could ask for. And the icing on the cake is a job of which I am passionate and that I love. Lucky me.