Sunday, October 16, 2016

Beauty in Transition

Living in a country with four seasons has taught me to appreciate change and find the beauty and opportunity in transition. The splendour of the autumn foliage is the opening act for the blustery winter to come. It takes summer out on a high note and leaves us wanting when it finally recedes and all that remains are stark, naked trees and the gray chill of November.

If we take our queue from nature, we could trust the transitional periods in our lives that may be tumultuous and even painful, knowing that it's something that we have to go through to get through it.

So for now we celebrate each precious remaining sunny, autumn day with long walks immersed in golden and fallen leaves and deep blue skies; and give silent thanks for the gifts that come with change.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Thanks - Giving - Revival

The fall fair has come and gone for another year. The maple tree  that guards the entrance to our home is ablaze with lively colour that defies the slow and certain death of its leaves. It's a gentle reminder that a year has passed since we moved into our country home.

We are living our dream, hubby and I, surrounded by rolling hills and farmed fields and nature that rivals that which we had at the lake. The air is cool and fresh and the stars spill out before us, with no light pollution to dim their lustre. There have been adjustments of hour commute, small inconveniences and miles, instead of blocks, from my beloved family. Paradise comes at a price.

I worried that the separation would weaken our bonds but I promised myself that I would make more efforts to strengthen my commitment to nurture my relationships and keep our family strong.

I need not have worried. Thankfully my family share a desire to stay connected and spend time together. They made the hour drive from the city on narrow country roads to create new memories. This house was just that until the walls reverberated with the laughter and chatter of our famjams. And now we have a home.

This Thanksgiving we shared notes we wrote about we were thankful for and the kids younger adults read them aloud (their idea). I asked my dad if he wanted to add anything, joking that his wouldn't have fit on the small scraps of paper. He beamed with pride as he said he was thankful for the love and interest his grandkids have for one another; that he enjoys watching them interact. And there was a murmur of agreement. Isn't that what it's all about -- building a foundation of love and security, a legacy that will continue to expand and strengthen.

I chose this day of Thanksgiving to dust off this blog and share my optimism and hope for the future. Life is good. Love comes first. Family is foundation so keep it strong. And dreams do come true.

And for all of the above, I am truly grateful.