Friday, August 15, 2008


I hate to harp on about the weather - but being Canadian the tendency to do so is ingrained in me ... it rained yet again today, as it has most days this summer. The car ride to and from work (about 35 minutes each way) has been an adventure lately. Today I started in sunshine, drove right into torrential rains for about 10 minutes, braved the sea of pooled waters on the roads and just when I was going to pull over -- the sky cleared. AND the minute I started to lower my scrunched shoulders and exhale, I encountered yet another storm - lightning and all!

Strange is an understatement and strange has continued all evening. Our poor puppy sits in front of the sliding doors watching for a break in the rain so he can dash out for a pee. While I sat perched - laptop on hand - on the couch my hubby called me to come quickly. A full arch rainbow had formed just over our backyard with the dark clouds looming like a screensaver. It was as though Mother Earth was smiling on us, reminding us that rainbows follow the storm.

I must remember that!

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