Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This too shall pass

My head is swimming ... it just feels like we are on the cusp of something ... what that thing is -- I am not really sure. It seems as though many members of our family are in the midst of life changing experiences. My daughter and I are in the midst of just such an experience ..

Our sixteen year old daughter is the last of our brood left at home. Right now if you asked her - she would probably say she wishes she wasn't. It is a difficult age and time in a teenager's life. They are walking the very delicate line between childhood and adulthood. They are hungry for independence and not entirely thrilled with the accompanying increased expectations and responsibilities. They are excited and scared at the same time. Emotions run high - tempers run hot and words get said that can't be taken back. In the midst of it all I just look at those big brown eyes and see the same wonderment in them that was there when she was a baby.

At times I simply can't comprehend how we ended up here ... But then I remember - this too shall pass.

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