Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Winds of Change

The times - they are a'changing. Or at least I hope so. Like so many millions of others I was glued to TV coverage of the Democratic Convention - and I am not even American. I sat riveted in my seat as speaker after speaker took the podium to deliver a different flavour of inspiration. Caroline Kennedy 's introduction of her Uncle Teddy. Then Teddy's sweeping larger-than-life address that immediately conjured up memories of his elder brother's "Ask not" speech. A living legend from an American dynasty steeped in public service. Michelle Obama's moving tribute to her husband and clearly - her partner. So many more followed ... Beau Biden, Joe Biden, Al Gore, Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Kerry ... and finally -- the rock star!

What is a leader if not someone who inspires and fires motivation into the hearts and souls of his followers; whose words of conviction fuel the very best of us to action. It was more than hope that Barack Obama delivered ... it was the reminder that we are all capable of great acts and greatness -- and that it will take us all to make the changes we must make.

Kidlet came home from the Free the Children Leadership Academy with her hope renewed and the belief that she - with others - can change the world. She contacted her power and reflected on her values. She grew up in ways that I wasn't sure possible just yet. She told me how the group of 100+ kids loved the safety - the acceptance, respect and love that each one found amongst strangers ... and who are strangers no more. She explained that if this microcosm of such different individuals could find common ground and peace - that the world could also find its way.

She has truly adopted the Me to We philosophy and for that I am supremely grateful -- and hopeful.

Like I said -- the winds of change are blowing and hope is all around us. Brace yourself. Better yet -- embrace - and make the change.

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