Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fast Lane

Drove home last night in my first snowfall. It was the beautiful kind of snow -- light and fluffy, giving all of the naked trees an impressive dressing. The driving part was not so pretty. Why is it that between spring and fall people - most of whom were raised in the rugged Canadian winter - forget how to drive in the snow? Major memory lapses. Vehicles race up the car in front, panic and break. Panic transfers to the whole line of cars that follow .... yikes.

Fear dominates the ride home, so much so that the fast lane is virtually empty. I take a deep breath and make the pass into the fast lane and get my Jeep up to the speed limit. I sail past the timid, turn the radio to my favourite station and sing all the way home.

Lesson learned -- life can be calmer - a little lonely maybe - but easier in the fast lane!

This morning I left for work at 6:30 in a winter wonderland. Winter has been ushered in .... let the fun begin!

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