Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Benz

Had my day off planned yesterday - to get a start on my Christmas shopping - when I got a call from the Jeep dealer that my new car was in. Quick change of plans. Bank drafts. Call to the insurance company. Quick clean out of the old Jeep (I am now $2.57 richer AND I have an extra pair of socks??) Mixed feelings abounded; happy to be getting a more fuel efficient (but homely) vehicle; sad to be saying s'long to my beloved Jeep. Lots of good memories go with that Jeep - not to mention the smell of sweaty hockey equipment that seemed to be embedded in the very fabric.

I ordered my new Jeep Compass in the fall in anticipating of my lease expiring. The escalating cost of gas sent me looking for a 4 cylinder car. Not ready nor willing to give up my 4 wheel drive, I settled on the Compass. Pure practicality. Couldn't afford a hybrid this time around but I have promised myself that my next car will be electric or something that reduces my carbon footprint. I convinced myself I would get over the fact that it is God awful ugly and that I was making a sound choice.

My hubby came with me to pick it up ... I tried to hide my nervousness over the fact I couldn't really remember how it drove. Buyers remorse already??

Pleasant surprise! Passed the black beauty (OK - it's still not pretty but let's be kind) in the parking lot looking all shiny and new and had to smile. I was getting a little excited. My crazy friendly salesman couldn't contain himself when he told me that the new plates read "BENZ". I started laughing, "wishful thinking is more like it!" I suppose people will think they were the plate from my previous vehicle ... from a Benz to a Jeep. Too funny.

Needless to say the drive home was fantastic. Benzie has more bells and whistles than I remembered ordering (check that bill of sale!). Best of all, she (yes, SHE) has a seat warmer. No cold a$$ for me anymore! She hugs the corners like it's Christmas and hums along with me as I sing. We are already quite a team, she and I. She is even nice to Daughter when she drives her.

Best of all - she smells really good! I wish I could say that will last .... However I can tell that this is the start of a beautiful friendship ... Benzie and I are gonna go places!

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