Saturday, November 1, 2008

Turning Back the Clock

Tonight is one of favourite of the year ... the night we turn the clocks back, and gain a full hour.
It is amazing how much difference an hour can make ... to sleep in, to lie around in my PJs, to stay up to watch the full episode of Saturday Night Live (cause we can crash the next day) ... in short - an extra hour that is truly a gift; mine to squander as I please.

It also marks the official changing of the season ... closing the door on autumn and peeking through the crack in the door at winter. For that I am not so pleased. November holds alot of special meaning for me. It is the month of birth of two of my daughters, my dearest childhood friend and my mother. It is also the month in which my mom started her five week journey from here to the afterlife. The milestones are deeply etched into my very being, and I am reminded on any given day what transpired and what pain and indignity she so bravely endured.

Tonight I will turn my clock back an hour ... but truth be told, I wish I could turn it back 15 years, to just hear her voice one more time. But tonight, an hour will have to do.

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