Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Beginning to Feel Alot Like Christmas

Tree is up! Our eclectic (fake) tree adorned - each ornament either a piece of family history or a gift from someone special. The Christmas music is loaded into my MP3 player - a really good assortment I must add - and is all hooked up to my sound system. I am finished my shopping and this weekend I even got everything wrapped up. I didn't buy wrapping paper and I decided to only use my cloth bags, reuse my gift bags or old boxes I had kicking around. I am getting in touch with my creative (s)elf. Label me Christmas Wiz (or not). At least I met one goal - to get all of the shopping and errands out of the way early so we could be freed up to actually enjoy the company of our family and friends. What a concept!

It looks as though that is going to happen ... this is the year that our whole family - my parents, daughters, sisters and brother and all of the nieces and nephews are all together for Christmas Day. My girls love when we have the "big one", as do I. Not sure if it's my imagination but it seems as though people are in particularly good moods as they go about their Christmas errands. Surprising considering the times ...

Anyway -nothing can dampen this girl's Christmas spirit. Soon the house will be filled with the smells of Christmas -- as soon as I move kidlet's stinking hockey bag from the front foyer and start baking! But that is for another day!

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