Thursday, December 4, 2008

View From My Cube

At work I usually keep the blinds down in my work cube. The view of the alley and graffiti isn't particularly inspiring. Especially on those gray, overcast days - it seems easier to block out the real world and create our own inside, comforting zone. I think many of us feel that way about the situation with our government. The situation is messy and somewhat dismal and it is easier to look away or pull the blinds down.

The view may not be pretty but these are definitely interesting times for Canada. Our minority government has been suspended (prorogued -- gotta love that word) until the end of January during a time of great economic strain and public unrest. Many thought that another election was inevitable, and then there were those who were against the coalition government. I for one was all for a coalition government.

Considering we just had an election, and the fact that Harper is exploiting the minority situation - banking on the other parties not wanting to force and election and fall into disfavour with the public - and is trying to push his garbage through) - I am all for a coalition. I think the parties would have to focus less on partisan positions and pass legislation etc that are at the core of what is important to Canadians. The fear mongering about the Bloc is a smoke screen, as the proposed coalition government consists only of Liberals and NDP. The Bloc has pledged their votes. I only wish that the Liberal had a stronger leader however I think Layton and Rae will have strong voices.

I think the next two months will be filled with lots of Conservative ads promoting the party position. They have the money to spend. It will be interesting to see where it all ends up.

Like I said, the view may not be pretty, but it sure is interesting.

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