Sunday, February 22, 2009

Love and Longevity

Today my mom-in-law (heart) and father-in-law have been married forty years. They got off to an early start, which means they seem far too young to have that number of years together. It got me thinking about relationships that last lifetimes. Some endure and mature' some flourish; some continuously evolve and some simply survive.

My parents were married to one another until my mother's passing. They too were married at an early age; they built a family and a life starting with nothing and with only one another to depend on. Like my beloved in-laws they overcame countless challenges by meeting them head on - together - as a team. I am always awestruck by couples who manage to keep the sacred oath, and no matter what life throws their way, they keep their love alive.

It doesn't take alot of effort to stay married for a lifetime - in fact - it just requires the passing of time. It does however take alot of effort to have a marriage thrive for a lifetime. A marriage with longevity is truly wonderful; and a marriage built on a foundation of love, and love expressed is a gift and an inspiration.

So congratulations to MIH and father-in-law on forty years of marriage; and I wish them many more. And here's to those who live in love. Love and longevity -- what a pairing!


  1. Great things, love and longevity, If you can find them!

  2. DIH,
    I'm the lucky one. Who knew at 18 that young love would continue to flourish, surviving all life's heartaches and challenges along the way; create two wonderful children that solidified our love and as a loving family we share life's daily footsteps together. Just like life is ever-evolving. Some days good / some days not so good -- but all in all no real complaints and looking forward to the next chapter of our lives and your eloquent way of unfolding what really matters - in your ongoing journal.....
    Luv ya to bits DIH,

  3. I suppose a "happy anniversary" is in a very happy anniversary to them both and best wishes for many more. That photo, by the way, is absolutely adorable! =]


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