Friday, February 13, 2009

One Day Off (Work??)

Today was my day off but don't get the wrong idea ... it was super, uber busy - "multi task" was my middle name! It was (almost) all things Kidlet. We are having her family birthday dinner tomorrow and I really hadn't done anything to prepare, knowing I had this day free ha!. There were presents to buy, groceries and wine to get, and an ice cream cake to secure. A couple of cupcakes rounded the birthday errands out on a sweet note.

We have a birthday tradition in our family that the birthday girl gets to pick their favourite foods for the dinner. Last year Kidlet requested homemade potato leek soup and tacos. : ) poor guests

This year she requested the same soup (her favourite), roasted potatoes, chicken skewers and the spinach-berry salad. Phew! No supplementary menu required this year!

I always throw in a sweet potato or two for colour and added flavour. The turmeric doesn't hurt either.

Well the soup is made and everything else can wait until tomorrow.

I haven't forgotten that tomorrow is Valentine's Day ... I call it a Hallmark holiday (not to sound too cynical), however when you are in love and have a sweetheart, it's kind of cute to have a special day to express those romantic notions. So, all cynicism aside, I feel grateful to have the sweetest, softest teddy bear to call my sweetheart. So tomorrow, when I ask him if he'll be mine -- I'll smile cause I already know the answer. blush


  1. Did you get heart-shaped pancakes this morning? :-)

  2. This year it was homemade, paper roses. Hey - isn't that a song?? Hope you had a good VDay too!


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