Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Winter Break

Can you believe how mild and downright balmy it has been this week? It's as if Winter took a break (maybe went to Florida?) and Spring popped in for an inpromptu visit. I left the house this morning bundled in my winter coat with (momentary amnesia) my usual winter props - gloves and scarf, and armed with my ice scraper - only to walk out into a wall of misty damp. But no cold. I am obviously programmed for winter and forgot to press reset. Even my car looked like it was bathed in sweat!

At the end of the day, as I walked out of my office to my car, I took deep breaths of the fresh springlike air and smiled. I gave a silent thank you for this reprieve from the deep freeze and I couldn't help but notice my step was just a little lighter.

I guess even winter needs a break when it gets to be too much!

Stubborn snow stakes its claim.


  1. It's been wonderfully warm here as well. The weather went from "the worst ice storms in a decade" to "sunny with a high of 61" in a matter of days. It's quite a relief, really.

  2. Like the way the second phot has a great range of tones from lightest grey to black - very pleasing to the eye.


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