Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bends in the Road

This crazy life we're livin'. I've learned by now that the road life takes us on is not usually a straight away. It is wrought with twists and turns and many a blind corner. When we are in the midst of it, living it, it can feel like utter choas. I've learned to trust it though; kind've like we can't see the forest for the trees. The same goes for the big picture.

I feel the Africa trip is a little like that. There have been twists and turns and I have been wrestling with what to do. Africa has gotten to me good. And not just the continent; I have discovered that I want/need a giving experience and to learn about the human condition of others. I let myself get excited about the idea of the trip to Africa with Kidlet's school. I knew there was a chance that we may not be able to pull it together in time. And that was indeed the case. I was deeply disappointed. I responded by doing what I do best ... I researched alternative trips to Africa that offered volunteer opportunities. I was like a dog on a bone ... I couldn't let go of the dream. I wanted to go this summer and that was that.

The past few days gave me time to digest the Africa question. I realized that to go this summer was already going to be a financial strain and somewhat of a rush. When I really let myself see the forest, I realized that Africa isn't going anywhere. There is an upside to waiting. It gives us more time to prepare and anticipate. The change in plans is just that -- a change to the charted course. I talked to Kidlet about it and we agreed that we will work hard to fund raise and make her school trip a reality -- for next summer.

We'll still get there; there are just a few bends in the road. And I know that one day, maybe years later I will look back and see how what seemed like disorganized chaos, were perfect pieces of puzzle that came together in perfect synchronicity. I've learned to trust it.


  1. I'll say a big "Amen" to the seemingly chaotic and stressful nature of life. But I think you're right. Things usually work out for the best, and you certainly have the right attitude about the Africa trip.

    (I'm actually in the process of planning a trip of my own to Ireland this Christmas/New Year with Kyle's sister Courtney. I'm really really hoping it works out. And I'm sure yours will in time. The best things in life require some waiting for. =])

  2. When you really fix your mind on a goal, it usually happens - in its own good time, I've found...


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