Monday, April 6, 2009

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Outside my window ... the lilac buds tightly wrapped cling to the branches as if they have had a change of heart. Let us know when spring is here to stay! The rain is relentless and our pool is close to overflowing, but we are luckier than many - no snow!

I am thinking ... that my knees would be delighted and grateful if I took at least 10 pounds off my frame. My waist may join in the celebration too!

I am thankful … that so many of my family members live close to me and that once again our dining room table will be filled this Easter.

From the kitchen ... the dishes are done and the residual aromas from the leftovers we reheated for dinner still linger. The waffles Kidlet has in the toaster smell heavenly – but I’ll resist the urge.

I am wearing ... my favourite plaid flannel PJ bottoms, cosy socks, a pink Hanley T shirt and a very soft, blue hoodie; perfect attire to stay warm in this drafty weather.

I am creating ... a daily written record of the gifts that each day bears and the images that create the slideshow of my journey.

I am going ... back and forth from the laundry room, and to and fro from the kitchen!

I am reading... or should I say devouring a spectacular coffee table book on Africa that I received as a gift for my birthday. The photography is absolutely breathtaking and inspiring. Maybe some day I will take a few of my own.

I am hoping ... that the trip to Africa will be a “go”. Can Kidlet’s classmates pull it together in just a few months?

I am hearing ... Kidlet play guitar as she sings her heart out. Dancing With the Stars is also in the background.

Around the house ... the gift bag remnants from my birthday 2 weeks ago (shamefully) still litter the living room; a dust bunny just rolled by (where’s the Swiffer??); very neat piles of folded laundry cover the coffee table in the family room – but not for long!

One of my favourite things ... drinking piping hot tea with a thick slice of whole wheat bread, smothered in strawberry jam and slices of cheddar cheese.

A few plans for the rest of the week: preparing the bedrooms that will be occupied by my returning daughters this weekend and shopping for some special Easter treats. Welcome home!

I am sharing this image: Catch me if I fall ...

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  1. You're right about being lucky with the weather. It's an absolute blizzard here. I'd like to have a nice conversation with the sky and inform it that it is in fact April, much too late for snow. =]


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