Monday, April 27, 2009

Driving With the Windows Open

Scenes from my car, driving with the windows down:

Sun roof open, windows rolled down. Breeze brushing my face. Sun beating down on me. Tickling my nose. Glad I bought those sunglasses -even if they were only cheap.

7o's tunes playing -- being drowned out by the rap music thumping from the big black Dodge Ram pulled up beside me. I swear that truck is vibrating.

Shirtless boy, board shorts precariously slipping off his hips, baseball cap askew, skateboarding up the foot-wide slot between the cars and the curb. Sadly in need of sunscreen.

Bearded, gray haired man with a face of leather seated on the sidewalk, back against the storefront, soaking up rays, leisurely dragging on his cigarette, his empty Tim Horton's cup parked out front collecting coins.

Windows down and open every where. Sunglasses. Shorts. Tank tops. Smiling faces. And the biggest one of all was mine.

Today -- I think I'll keep it!


  1. It's like we're all coming alive again, just like your garden. And who's that hot chick coming out of the coffee shop, lol.

  2. Looks like a good friend of mine -- one with a good eye! : )


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