Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday!

The sun came screaming in through my kitchen window this morning. SPRING!! I knew you would be back. Let's home this time it's to stay. Nothing says spring like deeply coloured tulips so I couldn't resist picking some up when I was out doing some last minute errands. With the holiday most of the stores were closed - except (thankfully) for the Indian owned Hasty Market and the little convenience store down the street. I spent a good part of the day at my daughter's place helping her prepare for the Passover seder. We laughed as we cleaned, chopped and boiled and had a chance to show her the gravy secrets first hand. Watching her carefully set her table, making sure each detail was in place made me feel so proud of her appreciation for her family traditions and her willingness to make sure they continue.

I also spent the day with hubby cleaning and getting ready for our big Easter dinner we are hosting tomorrow. It started off with only 8 of us and as the week progressed, more family members signed on ... and I couldn't be happier. Definitely the more the merrier. So it will be ham and turkey tomorrow and that's just the relatives! My parents and a nephew will be the only ones missing this holiday so we will raise a glass to them - and they will be there in heart.

As I write this, middle daughter and Fritz and I are snuggled on the couch. Daughter is watching a rerun of Friends and Fritz is snoozing with his head in the space between my laptop and my tummy. He gave up on trying to get me to hit the sack and checked out early.

It's been a wonderful day - and tomorrow will be even better. It wasn't just Good Friday -- it was a great Friday.
Fritz being a helper in the kitchen ...

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