Saturday, April 25, 2009

Greeting Summer Head On

That's what I like to see ... buds on the branches ... on the sidelines soaking up sunlight and rainwater to quench their thirst. Until that time when, satiated and bursting with life, they unwrap themselves into full bloom. The magnolias on my front lawn are indecisive - and only halfway there. Then this afternoon we had high winds roll in, with a thunder storm not too far behind. I was afraid the gusting winds would strip the magnolia tree of the blooms prematurely but it looks like they survived. I want the tree in full bloom as a kind of welcome home to my dad and step mom when they get back from Florida this week.

Hubby and I spent the better part of the day outside getting our back yard ready for summer. My heart quickens when the pool cover comes off - like a shot from a starting pistol signaling the official start of pool season. The pool is being filled, the dead leaves and debris have been raked and thanks to a pesticide/herbicide ban in my community, the dandelions have been pulled. I'm not complaining about the herbicide ban - I was just whining because I'm lazy. As I pulled weeds out from between our patio stones with my bare fingers (doesn't work with gloves) I remembered why I don't have finger nails!

There is something exciting about getting ready to greet summer head on. Reminds me of the anticipation you get when you know your favourite relatives are coming to visit. Every little step we take to clean up, enhance and prepare puts a smile on my face and a feeling of that they're that much closer - the good times that lay ahead.

The icing on the cake tonight was when Kidlet made the hockey team she had been trying out for all week. The grueling tryouts and her determination paid off. She left the arena with the widest grin imaginable and I just left relieved (oh, and maybe just a little proud).

All in all it's been a good day - - or rather -- another good day. What can I say, I live a charmed life ... and that is the reality I choose.


  1. 'Mauvaises herbes' sounds SO much nicer than simply weeds! x

  2. photo beginning of this post is beautiful, but if I allow you to ask: clarity? leaves little to be desired! good luck!! best regards from Romania!


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