Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Girl No More

This week I became a parent again -- to an eighteen-month old little girl I sponsor through Plan. Her name is Genesis and she is from Honduras. Apparently Karla-Elisabet, the child I had sponsored since she was 2 years old, is now considered an adult.

It was strange to get the news ... no fanfare, no official goodbyes for my little Honduran spirit - just a flimsy slip of paper with the sparsely worded announcement. Karla and I never developed a strong mutual correspondence ... she struggled with school and was too shy to write to me. I sent photos printed off the computer and letters in which I tried to explain hockey, freezing cold weather and snow, and divorce. I wrote out stories about kidlet (same age) and her adventures and wondered if she would find any of it interesting. I once received a piece of cloth with "God Bless You Lyn" roughly embroidered in pink thread that she made me. I pictured her sitting in the shade of a tree, perhaps happily chatting as an elder coached her with her stitches. I often wondered how/if she was enjoying her life; what her dreams were; what her fears were ...

And so a chapter is closed as a young woman starts another - her foray into adulthood. I can only hope that somehow she managed to accumulate the knowledge, maturity and strength she will need to live her life fully. God bless you Karla ... and thank you for letting me carve a little place for myself in your life.
And hello Genesis ... something tells me that this is the start of something wonderful.


  1. Beautiful illustration, as well as story, which says so much about you, never mind the child...

  2. Oh wow, I love both of their names. They're beautiful and original.

    I've always said it would be wonderful to sponser a child once I have the financial stability. I'd imagine it's rewarding. It would be sad though, to lose the connection with someone after so long.


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