Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How Art Thou

My friend is going to kill me but I can't resist posting one of her first second artistic creations. She is one of those people who wants to do and try everything. We were teasing her at dinner the other night that she has taken every course offered at the community college. She protested that no she hadn't -- only sewing. photography, floral arranging etc etc. She learned to fly. She loves to boat. She took a horseback riding vacation in the Canadian Rockies and a safari to Kenya. She skies, golfs and fishes. She cooks, decorates and can keep the books. She has an insatiable thirst for knowing and a desire to do. She can be a handful on vacation with her boundless energy and "every ready" attitude - especially for a bookworm like me.

So it only makes sense that she is taking a painting course. It's an uncharted creative territory for her. She said she is finding it relaxing .... (her relaxing? THAT's a picture!) She is what I call a life long learner. The reason I am blogging about her I suppose is that she is an inspiration to me. She reminds me to see things in fresh and new ways and like my father, she is has a keen interest in virtually everything.

And although her second attempt at painting a canvas may not be a Monet, it represents the spirit of trying and perseverance. And I believe she will prevail.
Update: Apparently her most recent work is her interpretation of "The Scream" -- now THAT will be a scream! (All in good fun my friend)


  1. Hey....I NEVER took flower arranging!!!!!

    But never say never....hehehhehe

    Thanks for this. Had a good hearty LOL!!!!!

  2. Haha. She sounds like a lot of fun...and I love the painting. It's very good, especially for someone just starting out. :)


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