Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Blessings

I make it well known how much I dread Mother's Day ... however now that the day is here, I am choosing to be grateful for that which I have - and not dwell on what/who I am missing. So today, as a mother of three goddesses who had an inspiring mother of my own, I am celebrating the blessings in my life ...

Three Precious Treasures
Privileged to be the mother of three exceptional young women who have lofty dreams and spirits to match. The world - and my heart - is better with them in it.

A gentle, complex, loving man to share my journey with.

Blessed with a mother and father who loved me unconditionally and taught me the importance of family; and now a step-mom with a big heart to love not only my dad, but her inherited family as well.

Little brother is simply the finest person I know - and an outstanding father to his son. I admire the man he has become.

My mother told me that in my sisters, she was giving me built-in best friends. She was right. I love these ladies.

My father once told me that I would be lucky to have just one good friend. And I am -- I have a handful. I call them my chosen family.

Furry Friend
I have a cuddly schnauzer who likes to sleep with his head on my shoulder and who - no matter how my day has been -- greets me with more enthusiasm and love than you could imagine.

I live in a cosy space that is overflowing with memories and echoes of love, laughter and the voices of my children and the past.

I work with a team of people I love, doing a job I enjoy, for a cause which I am passionate about. It can't get any better than that, and especially in these times, I am grateful to be employed.

At this stage of my life I have more time than ever to explore creative interests and do things like blog. I have time to ponder and wonder ...and just be.

I have created a life I love -- filled with people who I love.

But I still miss you Mom.

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  1. Oh my.
    The picture at the end is absolutely beautiful.

    I teared up a bit...

    Happy late mother's day.
    I'm glad you found some blessings to count. =]


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