Monday, May 18, 2009

Odd and Ends

Ever start going through old boxes, closets or drawers with the thought of decluttering, straightening up, "cleaning out"? You settle in for the long haul, armed with a cup of tea, garbage bags, a dust rag and a whole whack of good intentions. And before you know it you are blowing off the dust, re-examining every document, card, treasure and memento ... weighing its worth, reliving the triggered memory and tossing the occasional scrap into the garbage. In what seems like moments, hours are sucked into this time vortex , and - in my case - not much ground is gained. Nothing tangible that is ...

Maybe it's just me, but I thoroughly enjoy these mini mental holidays - brief respites from the stresses and realities of the day. It is both relaxing and therapeutic - which means - judging by the number of junk drawers I have - I should be the most relaxed person on the planet.

Another long weekend ... perfect for rummaging, remembering, relaxing and all those other odds and ends.

The end.


  1. Haha. I can definitely relate. I'm such a pack-rat. I keep EVERYTHING. When I try to weed through it I hardly ever make any ground...more often than not I end up adding things to the growing pile, sighing for the lost space.

    The memories are invaluable to me though. I wouldn't trade ten completely organized rooms for those. :)

  2. That photo must come a close second to the picture of my desk over on authorblog's Sunday Roast!It has the same spirit behind it, I feel...


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