Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spilled Paint and Birthday Cake

It is the end of a long day.

Painting walls at daughter's place. Painting - not my forte: spilling it, stepping into paint trays, hands in paint and then on walls, yellow paint on red walls. I have to face what I have always known to be true -- I am a horrible painter (but I work cheap!) Hubby is super detailed so at least no paint ended up on the ceiling. Result: happy daughter and thereby happy mother!

Quick nap then long hot shower to remove any traces of my handiwork (from hair, face and hands - the jeans are toast). Wrestle the over sized tennis bag (I swear it can hold the rackets of an entire team) into a gift bag. Drove into the big city for sis-in-law's birthday dinner. Cute bistro with good food and even better company. Then a drive to sis-in-law's place for cake and presents. I can tell she was like most of us on our birthdays ... a mixed bag of emotions; happy, melancholy and maybe even a little blue. She put on a brave face for us. We were all a little sleepy after all of the good eats and sweets so we called it a night.

And so it is ... ending as I started this post ... the end of a long day. But a very good one.

Happy Birthday S.I.L -- and I resisted to use your photo without your permission! And thanks for dinner P & S.

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  1. Oh my I do love painting...though I'm not all that great at it. More usually ends up on me than on the walls. :)


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