Sunday, May 24, 2009

Toiling in the Soil

What is it about spending a day on my knees, trowel in gloved hand, digging, mixing and packing moist soil - that brings such peace? The escape and relaxation from gardening is not unlike that which I get from reading a good book. The placement of each fragrant bloom releases a tiny burst of joy that mounts until the planting pot is complete - full to overflowing with colour and perfume. The work of art unveiled.

Today, the sun high in the sky and breezes gentle, was the perfect gardening day. Our salt water pool was crystal clear and beckoned. But to no avail. Hubby and I worked to fill each and every pot, container and empty space with the flowers and herbs we had selected. Once we finished, I sat in the breezy, tranquil gazebo and surveyed the results of our efforts. A large bumble bee (resembling more of a hummingbird than a bee) hovered leisurely above the snapdragon. I inhaled deeply ...

P e a c e.

Maybe working with plants, flowers and soil reminds us of the greater life force to which we belong; of the innate beauty of nature; and above all, is a gentle reminder to look inward for peace and tranquility - that it is found in the small and the quiet -- and not in the grandiose.

Toiling in the soil - just for fun!


  1. What a gorgeous garden you have!!!

  2. I'll agree. It is gorgeous!

    And that pool looks heavenly right about now...


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