Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bump It Up!

My stomach is sore from laughing. I just hung up from talking to my far-away sister and I am still convulsing. I'll start from the beginning ...

A few nights ago my far-away aunt called to ask me if I had heard about bumpits. Ironically I had just seen the infomercial the night before - and it had triggered an uncontrolled giggling fit. It promised to take you from flat to fabulous. I watched as the woman placed the plastic contraption - a voluming insert - under her hair resulting in an instant beehive. Who knew beehives were making a comeback? I couldn't imagine who would actually wear one -- and certainly not something called a bumpit (I kept saying "bumpkin" and my aunt dutifully corrected me each and every time).

So when she called to tell me that she had ordered a set for herself and my far-away sister - I burst into hysterics. I couldn't control it. My mouthful of tea exploded as my aunt explained that she thought they would help boost my sister's hair ... My aunt and I are always honest with one another and this occasion was no different ...

"Oh auntie, I saw the commercial and the puffy hair looked like cr@p!"
"Oh Lyn ... do you think? I thought they would be better than a wig for your sister."

I couldn't argue with that- I had to agree. Then my aunt and I spent the next 10 minutes howling about the "bumpkins".

My aunt is so sweet ... always giving what little she has to give. Gotta love her. She felt that because she had given me the gratitude bracelet that she wanted to also share with my other sister. **smile**

Soooo, when sister called tonight to tell me that Auntie called her to tell her she was sending her some instant volume for her hair .... we laughed all over again. Those bumpits have already paid for themselves --- a source of great laughter -- the kind that comes from the deepest part of our gut and you just know it's gotta be good for you.

So Auntie, we love you and thank you for helping us Bump It Up!!
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  1. This made me laugh so hard ... tell far away sis I want to see this thing in action :)

  2. Maybe we could get you one two cuz! I'll just let auntie know you feel left out! : )

  3. OMG that is too cute...can't wait to see how it looks on your sis!

    Have a great weekend :)


  4. Hahaha. I thought the same thing about those commercials! Be sure to let us know how this ends up. ;)

  5. Somehow, you'll have to get a photo of your sister using hers and post it.

  6. mmmmm - I have no choice but to "Bump it up" when I see you Sister of mine :)

    Daughter #2

  7. You'll definitely have to let me know how it works. Sadly, i actually contemplated getting one. Although, fortunately, i had a health level of doubt about whether the contraption would work. Now that I can have first hand (well second hand really) user feedback- I'm pretty excited.

    :) :)


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