Thursday, July 23, 2009

Positive Street

Ever have one of those days weeks? You know the kind ... things seem to pile up around you, you're in a funk and you find yourself on the other side of Positive Street. That was me ... and I felt as though the energy had drained out of me. Where is that Ever-ready Bunny when I need him. It doesn't happen often - in fact almost never - but the upside was that I went to bed really early. The downside was that I also woke up early -- 4:30 am to be exact! Now that wouldn't be so bad -- the birds are chirping happily at that hour and the rhythmic breathing duels between hubby and Fritz are kind've comforting -- but I couldn't fall back asleep. Couldn't quiet the mind no matter how hard I tried. It made for some l o n g days.

Anyway -- I found the secret cure for lethargy -- vacuuming! All that pushing and pulling and lugging gets the blood pumping and offers the perfect distraction and vacation from thinking. Just what I needed.

I have enough faith to know we can't have the mountains without the valleys, and with the law of nature it's inevitable that the tide will surely turn; the sun will once again shine. OK -- scrap that last part. We haven't had alot of sun this summer.

And guess what? Kidlet got her very first job! My west coast cousin and her daughter will be here this weekend and I will finally meet her face to face. Lots of good news today.

So I guess I just strolled across, back to the brighter side of Positive Street. And really -- it's a much nicer place!

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