Thursday, July 2, 2009

Grow Old and Stay in Love ...

Tonight Hubby and I ate our dinner in the family room, perched in front of the ginormous TV. For temporary relief from the relentless Michael Jackson coverage I turned to the Biography channel. They were featuring Kirk and Michael Douglas. As the film was winding down it showed a clip from Kirk Douglas' 50th wedding anniversary party. He and his wife had renewed their vows in an outdoor ceremony. As he saw his wife, walking shakily by herself down a grassy aisle, Kirk threw away his cane and went running to meet her - arms outstretched. If that wasn't enough to bring a tear to a glass eye -- the icing on the cake was when Kirk reached out to her and in his thick, raspy voice - started singing a song he had especially written for the event, called Please Stay in Love with Me.

Pass the Kleenex please. Hubby chuckled away at me but I gotta tell you -- it was the most romantic moment I had ever witnessed. Isn't that a secret desire of all us who are in love -- that we will stay in crazy love forever? I hope in 30 or 40 years I have Hubby chasing me down to declare his undying love and maybe hum me a tune or two. That was the gem in today -- an inspirational goal to aspire to ...

A woman knows the man she wants to marry
and a man knows the woman he
doesn't want to be without.
- Kirk Douglas


  1. I think you are right. We all wish for the crazy, romantic love that lasts.

  2. How beautiful! I would have cried, too. I cry at everything. :)

    I think everyone does want to fall in love forever. Unfortunately, most forget it takes work and devotion. I know sometimes I do.

  3. Couldn't agree more. Life is so much more meaningful when we share it with a person we love infinitely. Thank you for sharing....gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.

  4. Oh, I agree. That was incredibley sweet. :)


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