Friday, September 4, 2009

Blossoming On the Job

As you know, I was delighted and proud of Kidlet when she recently landed her first job. She tends to cram almost more than she can handle into her school years - hockey five nights a week, school sports. running fundraiser campaigns for breast cancer and Free the Children and the list goes on. In a nutshell, she basically ran herself ragged during the school year and would crash for 6 weeks in the summer. This year she was motivated (the car needs gas) and ready to take on a part time job.

I feel strongly that young people need to learn the lessons (seek the gifts) from having a job. It gives them instant appreciation for the value of their work -- that it takes far more effort and time to earn it than it does to spend it.

Kidlet is working in a quaint little flower shop within walking distance of our home. I am not sure how she will manage now that her hockey season is underway as well as juggling the demands of her last year of high school ... but regardless, she took the plunge and she learned something about herself -- that she is an extremely capable and valuable employee. Her boss told her so -- and I already knew so.
One more reminder that Kidlet is growing up on me ...

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