Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Evening Shade

Kidlet is sleeping on the couch, catching a few minutes of shut eye before her hockey practice. She looks peaceful in slumber, but spent. I am hoping that she hasn't bitten off too much this year. I always feel badly when I see her stressing, but on the other hand, I admire her desire and determination to immerse herself wholly in life and to be involved in everything.

Fritz the hyper schnauzer is barking randomly at the door. I checked -- there's just the odd squirrel or bird bouncing around outside. This dog's watchdog senses are faulty --- false alarms.

And me? I am procastinating ... I have homework to do; an article on domestic violence no wonder I avoid. Yet I post. My work computer got hijacked by malicious viruses today, bringing my productivity to a grinding halt. Gotta get busy now cause I always feel better when I don't have a deadline hovering over my head. As the evening shade unravels, I feel sleepiness on standby ...

Have a wonderful evening my friends.

Note:  [In the completely off topic category] I think the chubby PC guy is lovable and cuts a sympathetic figure. Mac comes off like a stereotypical arrogant  yuppie. Not sure if Apple is on the right track this time ....


  1. I can relate to that procrastination! Exciting to see you are planning a trip to Africa.. maybe after Lori's post you will extend southwards, and we are only a border hop away from Victoria Falls, so you could add another country to that itinerary! :)

  2. I so much agree with you about the Mac guy and the PC guy. We're all probably too entrenched in either mac or pc to change anyway. But that commercial sure wouldn't help.


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