Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flash Flood

It came up out of nowhere
like it usually does
driving on the highway
away from the sunset
radio singing
me along with it.

A flash flood of memory
your anguished face and pain
wild eyes and panicked breathing
emblazoned on my brain
I wanted you to stay ...

They came up out of no where
like they usually do
driving on the highway
away from the sunset
tears flowing,
my heart breaking
along with them ...


  1. How touching this poem, how soft and tender and so piercing. I came in from Peering through a Porthole. I'm glad to have found you.

  2. Thanks Lakeviewer ... I think you follow my other blog Soul Snax and I have been following yours for some time now. I really enjoy your blog and I put my dad on to it (Polar Bear)as well. Thank you for your kind comments .. even though it's been almost 12 years since she left us, I still really miss my mom ...


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